All Shocks Are Custom Valved
At Downsouth Motorsports we pride ourselves on custom tailoring each shock to an individuals specification. Whether you are outfitting a buggy, truck, or rock crawler, we valve each shock to that specific application. This attention to detail means you have the best possible starting point for suspension setup and can better fine tune your handling. We never take a shock off the shelf with a blindfold and throw it in a box. Be assured we do our best to get you off on the right foot. And never forget, our tech staff is here to help you along any part of your tuning or technical inquiries.

Shock Tuning and Servicing
As a way to keep your shocks performing at their best, Downsouth Motorsports is here to help service and tune your shocks. Our experienced staff can handle a simple seal or oil change, to re-valving and tuning. We offer our services to ensure that we support you, the end user. Whether you purchased your product from us or one of our competitors, we’re here to help fine tune and repair anything you send our way.

Custom Build and R&D Services
We have realized that through the years there are a niche of consumers that have special shock needs, however never receive the attention they deserve. At Downsouth Motorsports we strive to build and customize shocks to accommodate these needs. It may be a stock OEM vehicle or custom race vehicle you’re working on. Whatever it is, we’ll take the necessary steps to provide you with the best possible shock package. This may mean building a complete custom one-off shock. Please feel free to call or email with any custom inquiries.