SNORE 2011 Dethrone SoCal 250 Race at Plaster City We are back to the grind after attending the SoCal 250 Race. We were very busy in the weeks leading up to this race. Getting ready for this event was hard work, but worth it in the end. Sonny made several trips out to the desert for shock tuning with various teams/cars, ranging from Class 12, all the way to Trophy Truck. We set off in 2 trucks on Friday. Sonny headed out to the desert once more to meet up with a customer, and I headed to contingency. I pulled in to the Imperial Valley Mall with Dodge & trailer early Friday morning. SNORE was already setting up, and they directed me to our spot. After missing the last few SNORE contingency/tech events due to scheduling conflicts, we almost missed this one too! Some drama with our custom 15x10 canopy, caused us to “roll the dice” on whether or not the canopy would make it to our hotel on time for the event. Thankfully, the canopy made it and we were in business. Can't imagine having been out there with no shade!! We endured the nasty heat on Friday, met lots of great people, ran into old friends and had a great time over all. On Saturday we headed out to pit road with the #188 Whipple Motorsports crew. Unfortunately, bad luck struck many of the teams we helped, including Whipple [NOTHING to do with shocks!! ]. But the boys from Bro-Dozer Motorsports were able to bring the 1454 truck into the finish for 6th place out of a field of 18 trucks that left the starting line. Also, congrats to Kyle Conlon, another DSM customer for the 1st place finish in Class 1!! Our thanks to Whipple Motorsports, Meyers Racing, Bro-Dozer Motorsports, Kyle Conlon and Sandco for allowing us to be a part of their race efforts. And big props to SNORE racing for bringing action back to PC with such a great race. Hopefully they'll be back next year... DSM