Most car parts have scheduled maintenance. This would include your shocks and struts. Knowing when to replace items such as these is important to you and your passenger’s safety. The struts and shocks might not look like they have gone bad, but there are a couple warning signs that you should keep an eye on for safety purposes. They have an estimated life of about 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Make sure you keep an eye out for this. We will be covering how shocks affect your safety and how up-grading them to performance is a huge benefit.

Safety should be your number one concern while driving a car. Cars can be dangerous no matter where you are and making sure that they are performing the right way to make sure you stay safe while driving. A few warning signs of worn out shocks are poor steering response, steering performance is stiff, your car sways when turning, your car bounces excessively when driving, and breaking performance is unstable. If you have noticed any of these signs, you will want to make sure to get them checked out by a professional. Some of the problems that may be caused by ignoring the problem are that it takes longer to stop, lose control during acceleration, handling will suffer, flip-over easier, more likely to swerve. These 5 things can be lethal, so make sure your shocks are up to date.

When you think performance, you think handling and ride. These two factors relate a lot with the suspension. Every bump and bounce the road has, effects how the car reacts. The shocks are supposed to absorb the bounce. If they are bad, you will bounce, and the car is harder to handle. This is why it is important to make sure everything is in working order. The website Your mechanic has a lot to say about the suspension, “Shock absorbers: Aftermarket shocks can offer improved handling at high speed or (particularly for trucks and SUVs) when driving in very rocky or bumpy conditions. Some aftermarket shocks are even adjustable, so the owner can fine tune the ride to his or her liking. In general, these adjustments require changing something (such as turning a dial) under the car, but a few are electronically adjustable from the cockpit. High-quality aftermarket shocks may also be more robust than stock. This doesn’t matter very much for cars but is a significant issue for off-road trucks.” We here at Downsouth Motorsports agree with this, making sure your off-road vehicle is set up right is super important to have the best performance.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your struts and shock for safety or performance, make sure to come to Downsouth Motorsport to get yours replaced. We can help you fix your truck up, right. If you were thinking of adding a little more performance now is a great time because summer is on the way! Check out our selection and give us a call to make sure you get your truck fitted with the right parts!