Winter is finally heading out which signals one thing, the start of racing season. Spring through fall in California, the United States, and around the world is the time when motor racing shifts into gear. Watching motor racing is one of our favorite pass times here at Downsouth Motorsport, but there is one thing we like even better, and that is racing ourselves.

California as a state has a variety of racetracks up and down its coast. Up to the north, there is the world-famous Laguna Seca and Sonoma racetracks. Los Angeles has the Long Beach street circuit which hosts a variety of important races every year. There's also an abundance of smaller racetracks dotted around the state, and these tracks give people opportunities to race as a hobby.

San Diego is a great place to get your racing legs if you are new to racing. There are a couple of race tracks in the area that frequently hosts races. One great place here in San Diego is Barona Speedway, a quarter mile, semi-banked, clay oval that offers races on the first and third Saturday of every month. They offer nearly 14 different classes to compete in, which means you can likely find a class that works for you.

Barona Speedway isn't the only racing opportunity in San Diego. While this track is great for those that want to go out and race a couple times a month, there are other races near San Diego that might prove more challenging. The SCORE off-road races offer drivers the opportunity to test their driving to the max in the four races they host every year.

The San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500, and 1000 are off-road races that will put your truck and driving to the test. This series brings drivers from all over the world to compete in this long and prestigious racing series.

This series of racing has a variety of classes as well, Trucks and Buggy are the common classes for this race, in addition to ATVs and Motocross bikes. There are a variety of Truck and Buggy classes, which allows you to pick the class that fits best. If you live in San Diego and want a real challenge, this is the race series to pursue.

In San Diego, we have room on the sides to practice our off-road racing to really dial it in before any level of racing you might do. Here we also have a great racing community that puts on racing events. This really makes San Diego the racing mecca for off-road rigs.

Racing is such an exciting experience and with spring arriving it is time to start preparing your truck for races. At Downsouth Motorsport, we have the experience and the materials to help you get your truck race ready. Taking your truck down to the track on the weekends and getting to experience the thrill and passion that comes from racing is what we strive to help you achieve.