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With 2 decades of designing / racing knowledge and a passion for improving our customer’s experience, AGM have made it their mission to tackle the problems you face in racing or at play. To really look at the issues that are robbing your time, damaging the components you’ve worked so hard to buy or leaving you stranded on the trail. Problems that are stealing your fun, costing you the race and thousands of dollars in the process. Do not let these time and fun thieves ruin your day. Let AGM's unique brand of creative solutions help you. All AGM products are built to exacting standards, using only high quality aerospace grade materials. All products are treated to increase strength and improve corrosion protection. And every product is tested for performance, durability and reliability. But its not enough to simply offer a quality product. AGM also strives to educate in a low pressure environment, so you are more informed and can make better buying decisions. And as a result have a more rewarding experience with the end product(s). In short, AGM's goal is to make race inspired tools and products designed to hep you work smart in the shop and play hard on the trail.

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Need Replacement parts and supplies for your King Pre-Runner and Race Series Shocks? Look no further, we have what you need! FREE SHIPPING via UPS Ground in the Lower 48 Contiguous United...More Details »
Need a specific tool to help work on shocks at home? Contact us and we can help get what you need to help you service your "Serviceable" shocks at home. Or if you just have a question about re-building a shock, just give us a call: 1-888-973-6967
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