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ADS Off Road Racing Shocks
If you're the kind of person that doesn't settle for second best and never takes the easy way out.ADS Off Road Racing Shocks designed their shocks for you.ADS Off Road Racing Shocks customers drive to work Monday through Friday, and chase trophy trucks through the desert on the weekends. They choose to run ADS shocks because they prefer to take the path less traveled. Off-road shocks are an expensive purchase and it's hard to justify paying $100+ more per shock than another brand that looks identical. It's what is inside the shock that justifies the expense. Unfortunately the out of sight out of mind approach to shock buying has left more than one off-roader stuck on the side of the trail. ADS Off Road Racing Shocks are different because they infuse their race proven technology into every product that we build. ADS Off Road Racing shocks are torture tested week after week by demanding professionals who only care about durability and winning. ADS Off Road Shocks spends countless hours tuning and testing their products with both non-professional and professional drivers, alike.Take control with ADS Off Road Racing Shocks. ADS Off-Road Racing Shocks offers a full line of shocks for your specialized off-road vehicle including Smooth Body, Coil-Over, Air and Hybrid Air Shocks, Bypass, Air Bypass Shocks, as well as Air Bumpstops.